How to Buy Your Way Into a Top Secret US Government Intel Facility – FBI/DOJ Coverup of Clinton Foundation Connected AGT – PART IV

Guest post by Joe Hoft

A 2016 DOJ criminal investigation was suppressed and buried by the DOJ/FBI that involved a major NY Democratic power broker and the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation.

The investigation revolved around the illegal sale of controlled US homeland security technology to Russia and China in the years before the 2016 election by a company named AGT.

(See below AGT article of a Homeland security related project.)

The DOJ terminated its internal investigation in 2016 despite clear and irrefutable evidence of criminal activity and hid it from the public!

In Part I of our series we discussed the Clinton Foundation and the donations to the Foundation from the COB and CEO of AGT International as well as from Sheikhs in the UAE. These donations in the millions of dollars were for favors from the Clintons. In return the Clintons helped promote AGT –

In Part II of our series we discussed the illegal actions that AGT International took to generate revenues around the globe. Highly sensitive US defense technology and ITAR classified products were provided to China, Russia and other countries in the name of sales growth. These actions were beyond criminal, they were treasonous.

(Below is an AGT article about its premier defense software from its company 4D Security Solutions.)

In Part III of our series we discussed the investigation that the FBI/DOJ started into AGT and the Clinton Foundation but then terminated and covered up before the 2016 Presidential election despite irrefutable crimes!


Today we discuss the activities by individuals associated with AGT in obtaining entrance to a highly sensitive US Intel facility circumventing the controls in place that prevent illegal entries to the facility.

4D Security Solutions (an AGT company) was a major defense contractor for entities like Amtrak, Penn Station in New York City, the US Navy, the Philadelphia Police Department, the New York – New Jersey Port Authority and the US State Department.  It also had customers in the Middle East.  Some of AGT’s projects included surveillance and intelligence systems around the world.

Jason Stark, a US national who was the AGT Vice President of Technology Management and Operations, conducted his business from the New York City offices of Star Management (another AGT company) using his [email protected] email account, this was while he concurrently managed AGT teams in the US, Germany, and Israel.

Jason Stark, his boss Geoffrey Baird, and another fellow AGT sales executive by the name of Zvi Moshkoviz (who maintained 3 concurrent email address at [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected]) also operated out of the 4D Security Solutions offices in South Plainfield, New Jersey and communicated via their internal network and had full access to all of their systems and products.

This is despite the fact that the 4D Security Solutions facility was regulated by the US government and required screening and a US passport in order to enter it.

Jason Stark’s boss, Geoffrey Baird, was a British National, who resided in the US and was also headquartered in the same Star Management office in New York City from where he managed a large employee base in the US and abroad and multiple international projects that most likely were never disclosed to the regulatory agencies or reported to the US IRS or Treasury. 

Baird also communicated concurrently via multiple email addresses that included: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected].

In 2014, while AGT was actively selling its RTCC products worldwide, three of its executives, Jason Stark, Geoffrey Baird, and Zvi Moskowitz visited the DVIC in Philadelphia in order to collect intelligence and operational information about the secure site.  This visit was arranged and scheduled via back channels.

Per the details of their meeting invite, these AGT top executives were to call an individual by the name of Justin Frank as soon as they approached the DVIC facility.

From his LinkedIn page, Frank is a detective at the Philadelphia Police Department and he also works for a company called Intuidex.

In Frank’s second job at Intuidex, he deals in cyber security analytics (note that the phone number is the same as the number in the meeting invite above) –

Intuidex is a Pennsylvania based defense contractor who among others functions provides services to the US Federal government that include these agencies:

⦁ DHS S&T, Centers of Excellence
⦁ DHS S&T SBIR Program
⦁ DOJ/OJP, National Institute of Justice and the Bureau of Justice Assistance
⦁ National Visual Analytics Center (NVAC) (PNNL and DHS S&T)
⦁ Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA)
⦁ United States Air Force (AFRL)
⦁ Interagency Council for Applied Homeland security Technology (ICAHST)
⦁ National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC)
⦁ Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)

Both Moshkoviz and Stark reported directly to Baird as can been seen from Baird’s company profile –

(Note that these reporting lines show a commingling of companies and responsibilities among the AGT family.  This was pointed out in our 2nd post in this series where these companies appeared to be separated in name only and segregated to enable AGT to sell to various US and foreign companies and skirt around US regulations guarding the protection of ITAR regulated products.)

The DVIC that these individuals wanted to visit is a secure location that permits only US citizens with special permits to enter. The DVIC tracks and maintains information that is top secret including intercepts and files on terrorism, gangs, etc. Its functionality is described as:

The DVIC is home to the Real Time Crime Center (RTCC), an innovative unit that provides real time analytical and investigative support to the Philadelphia Police Department.  Video feeds from city of Philadelphia, SEPTA, and independent businesses cameras are available for monitoring around the clock, by staff in the Real Time Crime Center. The RTCC also processes crime tips that are sent in by members of the public.

The DVIC provides a centralized, multi-agency intelligence-sharing network.  This fusion center enhances the effectiveness of the agencies, organizations and community partners involved in hazard-prevention activities.

The DVIC adheres to all applicable laws protecting privacy.  It has established a formal privacy policy, a full-time privacy officer and ongoing training programs related to protecting Civil Liberties.

The startling observation of the visit to the DVIC by the group from AGT is that this group appeared to circumvent the procedures in place to prevent illegal entry to the site.  This is evident from the visit scheduling details.  The parties involved utilized private email communications to workout the details, and curtailed official vetting, approval, and background checks, which apparently were never conducted.

Baird and reportedly Moshkovitz were not US citizens.  For them to enter the DVIC facility an enormous amount of checks and verifications were to take place but there is no evidence that these activities took place.

Also, from the information collected and subsequent discussions among the AGT International management, it is clear that the purpose of these visits was to extract high value intelligence and operational data and then use it for financial gain and sell it or exchange it abroad. These actions were in the least suspect but probably criminal.

(Below is an example of internal communications about projects in the US and China.)

This event is another example of the corrupt practices that the family of companies named AGT partook.  The leaders of the company were Clinton friends and major donors to the Clinton Foundation.  The Clintons in turn helped promote AGT.  AGT then participated in numerous shady and criminal activities, the worst of which were selling US ITAR regulated products to the Russians and Chinese.

The DOJ/FBI investigation of AGT covered up the Clinton’s and their pay to play machine, the Clinton Foundation.  The investigation into the Clinton Foundation and AGT was material to the 2016 US election and yet the FBI and DOJ suppressed it from the American public.

The Clinton Foundation must be investigated and individuals related to crimes committed by the Foundation must be brought to justice.

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