HOAXED: Media Falsely Claims Stone Shared Image of Corrupt Judge Amy Berman Jackson In Crosshairs (Updated)

Still having not learned their lesson from the Jussie Smollet hoax, the mainstream media feverishly worked themselves into a tizzy Monday afternoon after Roger Stone shared an image of Judge overseeing his case, Amy Berman Jackson, with a neo-pagan symbol in the background.

Because everything is about guns and gun violence, the mainstream media propagandists who are widely uneducated on firearms or what actual crosshairs look like, immediately ran with the Fake News narrative that Roger Stone was “sending a message” to the Judge by placing an image of her on his social media. However, as usual, the truth is far different than what the Mueller controlled media wants us to believe.

Before we get into what the symbol on the photo of the Judge likely meant, we will briefly address how dumb you have to be to consider it a crosshairs. First off, if the intent, as the media claims it is, was for Stone to send a threatening message with a crosshairs on the Judge…. why wouldn’t the crosshairs actually be on the Judge? Well that is because it isn’t a crosshairs and that was not the intent, rather a manufactured conspiracy theory from mainstream media looking to distract from the revelations that Jussie Smollet planned an elaborate attack on himself to punish President Trump and all the “white supremacists.”

Also important to note, Stone’s post with the image detailed Judge Amy Berman Jackson’s many conflicts of interest and past associations with Hillary Clinton and Robert Mueller, associations that should get her removed from the case ASAP.

Back to the symbol on the image and the context. Remember, context is all that matters according to the mainstream media and leftists, not intent or end result. When doing a reverse image search online to find the image that Stone shared, it is exclusively displayed in an article from a far-out-there website named American Intelligence Media, also known as Aim4Truth.

This website features similar images of other Mueller allies like Hillary Clinton, with the neopagan Sun Cross (some call it the solar cross or wheel cross), which is used by multiple forms of paganism and heathenism. Aim4Truth’s website promotes a Glass Bead Game, which seems to pull from New Age Spiritualism with a Christian bent if you look at content on their website, and claims to help you reach “higher levels.” In context, their use of the Sun Cross on “Corruption Central” graphics is anything but a crosshairs, likely more of a dig on forms of worship that employ the Sun Cross, which the people behind Aim4Truth likely believe are demonic or practitioners of heathenism or Wicca… meaning it’s about spirituality… or lack thereof.

The content and images of the article featuring Judge Amy Berman Jackson was also featured on another website, Cosmic Convergence, which has similar themes of spiritualism as Aim4Truth and nothing about the imagery dealing with guns, crosshairs, violence.

If you really wanted to get really in-depth about any other interpretation of the Sun Cross in the context of the photo that Roger shared of Judge Amy Berman Jackson, two other possibilities exist. A Norwegian offshoot of the Nazis used a variation of it during WW2, but that makes no sense in the context of what the images have been used for or where they have been placed. Lastly, some white supremacists have used variations of the Sun Cross, but again context rules that out. Unless of course you want to reason that the people behind the graphic are alleging that Judge Amy Berman Jackson is a time traveling Norwegian Nazi or undercover Neo-Nazi spiritualist and that the intent was to expose her for those associations?

That sounds ever crazier than it being a crosshairs.

The media will likely never apologize for failing to do their research on this or for manufacturing another hoax in order to drive their anti-gun and Never Trump wetdreams. They want you to see Russian’s under your bed and to be scared of everything from neopagan symbols to MAGA hats.

UPDATE— Roger Stone later apologized for attacking the crooked judge on Instagram.
Please note — the judge is still crooked.


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