Guest post by Ted Malloch author of The Plot to Destroy Trump

He is the one and only, Martin Selmayr, a German, and a civil servant, now Secretary General of the whole European Commission, since 2018.

The 47 year old is feared as the most powerful man in Europe and was even called “a monster” by his very own boss.


The mini-Fuhrer insists that the UK must pay 39 billion pounds in a Brexit bill or put its future with the EU at risk –even if there is — No Deal

His threats and maneuvers are legend as a fierce infighter who takes no prisoners.

He has been quoted by the European press as saying that the EU must be “punitive in its negotiations with Britain” as a signal to other deviant countries.

Selmayr is said by POLITICO to be “arguably the most powerful right hand man ever to prowl the upper halls of the Berlaymont” in Brussels—the EU’s HQ.

He refers to himself as “the adult in the room” and as “someone you want in charge” in tumultuous times.

An ardent federalist, Selmayr believes fervently in just one thing: the United States of Europe.

He is also very positive on the need for a EU army.

As the architect of Jean-Claude Juncker’s vision for Europe, Selmayr is overtly anti-American.

He championed the Spitzenkandidat system, which brought his drunken and ineffective boss to power, with none other than himself as the real power behind the throne.

He brokered that deal with Merkel’s Germany, which was seen as nothing short of a putsch.

This amounted to a naked German takeover of Europe and its institutions.

Selmayr is on record and makes no secret about his plan to establish the EU as an all-powerful supranational/globalist entity in a multipolar world to challenge the US.

The European Parliament last year adopted a resolution, with a majority of 71%, that called for the resignation of Selmayr, the former right-hand man of Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker whose rushed promotion was criticised as “a coup-like action”.

Who is this almighty shadowy Selmayr figure?

As a hugely divisive person, Selmayr has risen quickly to the top of the EU heap.

One Dutch MEP called his promotion a farce, arguing it “destroys all credibility of the European Union.”

Known to be wildly and blindly ambitious, Selmayr makes no bones about his power grab.

Others refer to it as what it truly is: cronyism.

A careerist, Selmayr is hell bent on his own accomplishments and extended role.

He knows he has benefitted enormously from his patron, namely- Jean-Claude Juncker, the former Prime Minister of Luxembourg who was wedged in as President of the European Union back in 2014.

The EU is an unelected, bloated, overpaid, bureaucracy and is known to be an “old boys club”.

Sylmar fits in perfectly.

He does not play by the rules but instead bends them to his own advantage.

He is known to be a leaker and was accused of leaking very private information from a dinner at Number 10 in London, where Theresa May was in talks with Mr. Juncker.

It was done to damage her.

Jokingly perhaps, the former German Minister of Finance quipped, “Do you know the difference between Selmayr and God? God knows he is not Selmayr.”

Selmayr is referred to as the UN-civil servant in the corridors of the EU and is feared by associates and detractors alike.

Born in sleepy Bonn, West Germany during the Cold War in 1970, Selmayr has painted himself in near mythical terms.

He is a very clever lawyer and a spin-doctor of some acclaim.

He has played the system like a virtuoso violinist and in the process has created many enemies as well as a spoils ladder of those deeply indebted to him.

The EU powerbroker received a doctorate from Germany’s Passau University in 2003 and has very deep ties to the CDU Party there and to Mrs. Merkel and her inner circle.

Sylmar is best understood as a Eurocrat. A badge he wears with great pride.

He may be a German by ancestry but with the mantle now of representing ALL of Europe.

His family roots are most noteworthy. They tie him on both his maternal and paternal sides to the Nazi Wehrmacht.

His grandfathers on both sides were important Generals in WWII — for Hitler.

They would be proud.

Ted Malloch is the author of The Plot to Destroy Trump

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