DNC Chair Tom Perez Says VA Gov. Blackface, KKK Ralph Northam Should Resign ‘His Ability to Govern Has Been Compromised’ (VIDEO)

DNC Chairman Tom Perez told FOX News host Chris Wallace on Sunday that Virginia Governor Ralph “Coonman” Northam should resign over the racist college yearbook photo.

Chris Wallace asked Mr. Perez if he still feels that Governor Ralph Northam should resign for wearing blackface in college.

“I think his ability to govern has been compromised,” Perez said.

Chris Wallace pressed Tom Perez and asked him, “so should he still step down?”


“Yes, I’ve called for that and I think his ability to govern has been undermined,” Perez said.


On February 1st, a picture from Democrat Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s medical school yearbook from 1984 surfaced showing two men, one in a KKK hood and robe and one in ‘blackface’ on the same page as Northam.

The photo was first published by Big League Politics and later confirmed by other outlets such as WaPo and The Virginian Pilot.

Ralph Northam initially admitted to being in the racist photo and apologized for all the hurt he caused; he did not reveal if he was the one dressed in blackface or the KKK robe.

Then 24 hours later the Governor held a presser and admitted to wearing blackface in 1984 when he dressed up as Michael Jackson for a dance contest, however he maintained he was not in the racist yearbook photo.

Ralph Northam, who also endorsed infanticide, has remained defiant even though Democrat and Republican leaders have called for him to step down over the last few weeks.

Northam’s Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax is also facing pressure to step down after two women came forward and accused him of sexual assault.

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