DISGUSTING LIARS: NBC News Colludes with Democrat Party’s Fake Russia Troll Farm Website to Smear Tulsi Gabbard


Corrupt Democrats ran a Facebook smear campaign against Judge Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate race in 2017 and Facebook allowed it.

Democrat activists took what Russia did on a minute scale in the 2016 election and ramped it up times one thousand.


PLEASE NOTE: Russia’s 2016 disinformation campaign targeted both pro-Trump and pro-Hillary supporters. The liberal mainstream media does not like to mention this in their reporting. Russia spent just $6,000 in the last six weeks of the 2016 election on ads. Russia spent only $4,600 on Google ads in the 2016 campaign. The Russian influence in the 2016 election was minimal and is one of the biggest lies by the left this century.

Democrats took this “Russian model” and ramped it up — times a thousand!

Facebook allowed this to happen.

LinkedIn billionaire Reid Hoffman was a top funder of this deception.

But it gets better…
The same hacks who ran this deceptive campaign against Judge Roy Moore are the same people who wrote the junk “Russia interference” report for the US Senate!


Liberals also ran a fake online campaign during the Alabama Senate race linking Judge Roy Moore to a fake ban on liquor in the state.

The group was able to amass 4.6 million followers on Facebook!
They spent serious money to make this happen and likely had Facebook’s support for their nefarious actions.

And earlier this week The Daily Caller News Foundation revealed Democrat operatives linked to Reid Hoffman used the same tactics in the 2018 midterm to suppress the GOP vote.

As conservative pages were being shut down on Facebook Democrats and IT billionaires were allowed to run false flag campaigns to suppress GOP vote.

And now this…
NBC News used this same troll bot Democrat Party firm to smear Tulsi Gabbard as a Russian approved candidate.
The lies never stop.

Glenn Greenwald reported this at The Intercept.

NBC NEWS PUBLISHED a predictably viral story Friday, claiming that “experts who track websites and social media linked to Russia have seen stirrings of a possible campaign of support for Hawaii Democrat Tulsi Gabbard.”

But the whole story was a sham: the only “experts” cited by NBC in support of its key claim was the firm, New Knowledge, that just got caught by the New York Times fabricating Russian troll accounts on behalf of the Democratic Party in the Alabama Senate race to manufacture false accusations that the Kremlin was interfering in that election.

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