Viewers Slam NBC NYE Coverage – No ‘Ball Drop’ – But Trump-Hater Chrissy Teigen Discusses ‘Vaginal Steaming’ (VIDEO)

Viewers slammed NBC’s New Years Eve coverage as a train-wreck and embarrassment for America.

NBC’s New Years Eve show didn’t have a countdown clock nor did they show the ball drop — a tradition many Americans enjoy watching.

Rather, Chrissy Teigen, who was one of the three hosts for NBC’s NYE coverage discussed ‘vaginal steaming,’ — and NBC even showed a picture of it!



Viewers were disgusted and disappointed — especially because children were watching.

Chrissy Teigen’s co-host Leslie Jones then hit her in the eye with her umbrella at midnight. 

What a train-wreck!


CNN wasn’t too far behind NBC.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper was taking hourly shots of tequila with his co-host Andy Cohen.

New Years Eve TV broadcast show ratings took a double-digit free fall this year. Imagine our shock.