VIDEO: Venezuelan Protesters TORCH Socialist Party Headquarters — BURN DOWN CHAVEZ STATUE

The Socialist regime in Venezuela teeters on the edge today.

The people came out in force to protest the brutal and corrupt Marxist Maduro regime.

The socialist dream in Venezuela is in tatters just like all of the evil socialist regimes before it.
Yet here in America we have a political party that is pushing this evil filth.
** The Gateway Pundit has sources on the ground in Caracas.

On Tuesday the Venezuelan protesters TORCHED the giant Hugo Chavez Statue!

On Wednesday protesters torched the District 23 House of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV)–

Translated: In the District 23 of January of Caracas-official zone-, inhabitants burn House of the United Socialist Party of Venenzuela (PSUV) #23deEnero

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