Trump Jr. Slams CNN’s Jake Tapper For Homophobic Outburst

Don Jr. is not happy about the homophobic outburst by CNN’s Jake Tapper, who said that longtime Trump advisor Roger Stone “might like it” in prison. Stone was arrested in a pre-dawn raid on Friday, which was televised by propagandist news outlet CNN, who was given exclusive access by the FBI to film the gestapo-style raid.

Tapper gleefully giggled about Roger Stone “liking” prison, obviously hinting at prison rape or male-on-male sexual activity in the clink. Stone has made no secret about his support for gay rights and even marched in several LGBT parades over the years. Tapper’s homophobic prison rape comment came after another panelist happily exclaimed that “no one will care” if Roger Stone goes to prison.

Don Jr. makes the point that if a conservative had joked about a Democrat political operative “liking” it in prison, the media would have made it a non-stop frenzy of manufactured outrage and hand-wringing. Instead, since the propagandists at CNN made the joke, “super-woke” celebrities and hate-watch groups have remained silent, giving Tapper a pass.

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