TRUMP: If Romney Would Have Fought As Hard Against Obama As He Does Me He Would Have Won (VIDEO)

Anti-Trump GOPe leader Mitt Romney took a shot at President Trump in a Washington Post op-ed just two days before he is set to be sworn in to the Senate.

Mitt was a very vocal critic of President Trump during the 2016 election.

On Tuesday Romney opened the New Year showing his true character, that of an elitist, egotistical, Trump-hater with no regard to conservative-populist Americans. Mitt and his GOP elite cohorts believe the way to win over Trump voters is with constant insults.


President Trump responded to Mitt Romney’s revolting hit piece today on Twitter.

President Trump also told reporters during a meeting with his cabinet that if Romney fought as hard against Obama as he did himself he would have won his election.

President Trump: I was expecting something but I was surprised he did it this quickly. If he fought really hard against President Obama like he does against me he would have won the election!

So true!

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