The ‘Pelosi Rule’ – Sen. Joni Ernst Proposes Legislation to Keep Lawmakers in DC During Shutdowns (VIDEO)

On Friday night Speaker Nancy Pelosi was spotted at Reagan International Airport in Washington DC flying commercial as the president suggested.

This was after President Trump grounded Speaker Pelosi and Democrats taking a “public relations tour” to trash the administration in Europe and Afghanistan.

On Friday Sen. Joni Ernst (R_IA) proposed legislation to force lawmakers to stay in Washington and meet twice per day until their work is done on national budgets.


Sen. Joni Ernst: It is “No budget, No recess” and it would force members of Congress to stay in DC until we have a budget done and until we have those appropriations bills done… There would be quorum calls to have our members on the floor twice a day until we work through the impasse.

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Via FOX and Friends:

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