The Guardian Whines After Gateway Pundit Smokes Out Bullsh*t Covington Narrative Behind Vicious Assault on Catholic Children

The liberal media branded a group of innocent Catholic boys in MAGA hats at the March for Life in Washington DC as hateful racists.

The media ran with the false narrative that the children abused and harassed the Native American who was beating a drum in a kid’s face.

The entire media narrative was incorrect and manufactured but the liberal mainstream media didn’t care.
The children received numerous violent death threats and the school faced threats of shootings and bombings.

The liberal media narrative completely collapsed because every detail of the story was inaccurate.
But the media didn’t care. The Trump supporting children had their lives ruined which was their goal.

Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky announced on Monday they are increasing security at the school following the many death threats from liberal pundits, media personalities and activists.

Over the past week Gateway Pundit authors Cassandra Fairbanks, Cristina Laila, Kristinn Taylor and this author broke story after story exposing this horrible assault on teenage Catholic boys.

POLL: Should The Covington Students Sue The Mainstream Media?

Within 36 hours of our initial reporting the liberal media narrative was completely dismantled.
The American liberal media was forced to report the truth and the children were completely exonerated.

The Guardian had a very difficult time with these developments.
They wanted desperately to destroy the Catholic children.

Via The Guardian:

In just four days, teenager Nick Sandmann and his fellow students at Covington Catholic high school have gone from social media pariahs to conservative heroes.

On Tuesday night, Fox News hosts continued to feast on the controversy, which was sparked by a standoff between Covington Catholic high school students and a Native American veteran called Nathan Phillips. Footage show students wearing pro-Trump Maga hats taunting the Omaha tribe elder. The relentlessly repeated talking point — that there was a collective “rush to judgment” on the boys because they were Trump supporters – was used by conservative anchors Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham to attack mainstream media and left leaning social media users…

…If you want a lesson in how this kind of persistence works, look at the coverage from Gateway Pundit since Saturday. Very early on, Jim Hoft recognized the symbolic value of the confrontation, doggedly pushed his own, partial interpretation of events, smeared everyone on the other side, and then brought the entirety of conservative media with him. (Earlier, even some conservative outlets had been critical of the boys). His reward was seeing that version of events trumpeted by Tucker Carlson on Monday night, who also launched a broadside at any conservatives who had wavered from exonerating the teens.

That night, and Tuesday, Carlson’s fellow Fox News hosts were singing from the same songsheet. And if Fox News presents a unified message, the president frequently echoes it.

The media is OUTRAGED that the truth came out about these boys.
They wanted to destroy them.
Think of that. Little boys!

Thanks to Michelle Malkin for her kind comments.

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