Ted Malloch: Up Against The Wall

Guest post by Ted Malloch author of The Plot to Destroy Trump

In 1968 the musical group, Jefferson Airplane, released this hit song with the acronym — UAW/MF.

You can guess what is stood for.


Play here:
(Warning on language)

Democrats will recognize the track for what it was said to be, namely, the inspiration for the radical Weather Underground movement.

The phrase was taken from the poem, “Black People!” by Amiri Baraka (previous known as LeRoi Jones).

All leftist intellectuals of course know that this phrase, i.e., “Motherfucker,” grew out of the Dada art act Black Mask.

And it was used extensively during the anti-Vietnam protests of the mid-1960s.

Nancy and Chuck will love the metaphor and relive the memory!

Perhaps, just perhaps, President Trump should play it today as the gang of eight come to visit and negotiate with him in the White House.

Blast it out.

Now it does use the newly minted Democrat expletive bad word quite a lot but since they now find that entirely OK, he should use it back on them.

Here is what he should tell them.

Since you don’t respect the serious facts about the national security issues manifesting themselves on our southern border, as I laid out in detail last night in my nationally aired televised address, let’s move on.

I am, if you don’t leave here this afternoon in agreement, doing these three things:

  1. Keeping the Government closed for good.
  2. Closing and sealing off the entire southern border. And,
  3. Issuing a lawful decree at midnight declaring a national emergency and enforcing the act by that name. I will commence immediately to secure our border, stop illegal immigration, hire and use US troops to insure safety and finally, build a structure, which is a border barrier of appropriate measure to do as stated.

Don’t back down.

Tell them who is the Commander and Chief.

Tell them who is President of these United States of America.

Then, as the meeting ends, line them up against the wall.

Ted Malloch is the author of The Plot to Destroy Trump

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