Ted Malloch: Globalist Cabal –It’s DAVOS Time Again…

Guest Ted Malloch, author of DAVOS, ASPEN & YALE

President Trump and the US delegation won’t be going to Davos this year because of the government shutdown but it is still—in the news.

The theme of the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos in 2019 is  “Globalisation 4.0.”


What happened to the other three earlier versions?

Did they blow up or have too many bugs?

According to their website, “The Swiss organisation vies to send a more inclusive message in the wake of an increasingly fragmented political landscape in developed countries.”

It goes on to understate that, “The WEF has been criticised by its detractors as an elitist organisation that has helped promote the inequalities of globalisation.”

Who would say such things?

Until recently and the arrival of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States this sentiment by arch- globalist and WEF-lover, Larry Summers, former US Treasury Secretary for Obama prevailed in most political and economic thinking: “Reflex internationalism needs to give way to responsible nationalism or else we will only see more distressing referendums and populist demagogues contending for high office.”

Neoliberal allies can hold their noses all they like but the Brexit ball is bouncing…

Like a tsunami it washed ashore in the Trump presidency and now reverberates back to Europe in the coming 2019 EU elections and in a raft of countries all year long.

It will be felt as far away as Asia.

It is already witnessed in Brazil.

Like the proverbial genie, it simply cannot be put back into the bottle—call it what you like.

‘Brexit means Brexit’ as the saying goes  — and an end to globalist know-betterism.

Globalism is under attack everywhere — and it is losing, big time.  Version 4.0 won’t work any better than the previous versions.

It is receding like the ebb tide on a full moon.

Make no mistake, Trump and his ilk are not anti-trade or isolationist and certainly, as entrepreneurs and most importantly builders, firmly believe in market-based fairly played capitalism.

They just don’t want or see the results of a long-term system rigged to benefit only the few, the well connected, the WEF super-elites, who game the system or force their one-world globalism on the rest of us.

As I have said before and repeatedly, Davos-man is dead.

Can I repeat that in all CAPS?

Read the obituary.

It is framed in the US election and all that Trump represents and has done.

The post-WWII globalization consensus is over.

Going around telling the locals that they are racists or hatemongers for opposing migration does not help.

They are not racists, they are nationalists—or better put  “patriots,” as H.G Wells called them in his prescient essay on the topic sixty odd years ago.

The reality is that just like homeowners, these citizens of countries want to feel and see the benefits of home ownership or being a national.

This week the global elite convenes for a wake in the Swiss mountain resort known as Davos.

At this 2019 episode they will be shedding tears while drinking schnapps to smooth their pain while chewing on old cheese.

They are forlorn because their era has come to a screeching halt.

The keynote speakers this year are mostly has-beens and wannabees.

Davos is now ground zero for globalization since the bosses of the leading beneficiaries of globalization appear to try and stave off the inevitable and to booster China and the cronies of outmoded and outsourced corporatism. See: http://www3.weforum.org/docs/WEF_AM19_Meeting_Overview.pdf

But as Bloomberg reminds us it is still the playground for the world’s billionaires—who have gotten richer and richer since the financial crisis.

See: https://www.bloombergquint.com/davos-world-economic-forum-2019/dimon-schwarzman-and-other-davos-a-listers-add-175-billion-in-10-years

Thomas Mann, the German Nobel laureate and author of The Magic Mountain made Davos famous for its mystical and curative powers.

For him, it was a sanatorium to overcome the disease and psychological stress and damage inflicted by modern life.

Today Davos is synonymous with a different kind of cult.

It is the cult of business celebrity; elites from every avenue of life, every industry, every country, leaders and wannabes will do anything to be seen there, especially during the last week of January, when the World Economic Forum conducts its Annual Meeting.

They pay nearly $75,000 just to be invited.

Membership is a cool- one million bucks.

It has become the hub of political, economic, cultural, and every other kind of elite power imagined by post-modern man.

In fact it is about the emergence of what the ringmaster at Davos called – Davos-Man, a kind of ubermensch that can transform the world.

Nietzsche would be proud.

Except his time he has run amok, his lot cast and his mantle is being thrown off everywhere we look.

Globalism is over. Kaput.

This wasn’t always the case.

After WWII the German part of Switzerland in the Far East and up in the rugged mountains was underdeveloped.

Skiing, new hotels and better train service brought in more tourists but it wasn’t until a nutty Professor of business policy brought his European Management Forum there in 1971 that it started to take off.

In its own words the WEF was on a mission: The World Economic Forum is an independent international organization committed to improving the state of the world by engaging leaders in partnerships to shape global and industry agendas.

Over the course of its history the World Economic Forum has achieved a very minor record of accomplishment in advancing progress on key issues of global concern.

Last year Trump and his team stormed the mountain and read the riot act. He told them their worldview was bankrupt and that America was back.

Other has-been’s are emblematic of the spent force of globalism and many will appear at Davos 2019.

The ash heap of history is now replete with the failures they have wrought.

They will cavort and dance the night away in Davos-Klosters while the center of power shifts—to the Trump agenda.

The coming of world government has been suspended.

A return to national sovereignty is the new calling of mankind.

Blatant anti-Americanism abounds but now we see the retort– putting America first.

Multilateralism recedes on every front from climate change to trade to leftist agendas to control us.

The WEF logo itself puts the organization in the center of the globe’s sphere; and Prof. Schwab is the ‘Wizard of this Oz’ behind the curtain that makes the whole Davos thing run, just as in the movie by that name.

He should retire or just fad away. At 81 years old he is a dead weight that embodies the last gasp of globalism itself.

Donald Trump-world witnesses the powerful swift sword of renewed American power: a rebuilt military, a growing and more inclusive capitalism, and cultural soft power that thwart all forms of globalism.

The ideological war has been fought and Trump team is ascendant, if not yet fully triumphant.

The world is moving as the pendulum swings far away from Davos mentalities and modalities.

Citizens around the world are walking away from the globalist road and taking one less travelled.

It is one not forgotten but more parochial and more familiar to every common man and woman.

And believe me they are not represented at or attending Davos.

Ted Malloch is author of DAVOS, ASPEN & YALE

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