Tammy Bruce: Abusive Media Reports on Covington School Children Like Gestapo Tactics (VIDEO)

The liberal media branded a group of innocent Catholic boys in MAGA hats at the March for Life in Washington DC as hateful racists.
The entire media narrative was incorrect and manufactured but the liberal mainstream media didn’t care.
The children received numerous violent death threats and the school faced threats of shootings and bombings.

The the liberal media narrative completely collapsed because every detail of the story was inaccurate.
But the media didn’t care. The Trump supporting children had their lives ruined which was their goal.

The Gestapo in Germany used similar tactics of threats, terror and physical violence including murder.


On Monday conservative radio host and FOX News contributor Tammy Bruce accused the media of using Gestapo tactics to destroy and ruin the Covington children.

Tammy Bruce: You’re seeing this over and over again because it is a classic standard of the left. Is to destroy an individual personally with an accusation that is so broad that it can’t necessarily be debunked before it moves out. So when I mention gestapo I don’t do that lightly. That is of course what the Jews and the Germans who were resisting were facing in Germany were faces with.

Via Lou Dobbs Tonight:

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