HUGE! President Trump’s Policies Have Added $3,100 per Household in Gross Annual Income — In Only 2 Years (VIDEO)

Of course, it will be ignored by the liberal mainstream media.

The average family in the United States today has seen an increase in their annual income of $3,100 under President Donald J. Trump.

Kevin Hassett, the Council of Economic Advisers Chairman, joined Lou Dobbs last night to discuss the booming American economy.


The US is enjoying an average GDP growth rate near or above 3%.
In comparison, a high-taxed state like France only sees growth at .3%.

Trump took the economy and accelerated it on all levels. And now all Americans are seeing the benefits of a booming Trump economy.

Kevin Hassett, told Lou under Trump there have now been 500,000 manufacturing jobs created, something failed president Barack Obama said was impossible. And the added surprise relative to the GDP is the president has delivered $3,100 per household to gross domestic income.

Via Lou Dobbs Tonight:

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