Satan’s Party: Virginia Governor Ralph Northam Doubles Down on Murdering Newborn Infants (VIDEO)

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam (D) advocated for the murder of newborn babies in a radio interview with DC-based WTOP on Wednesday.

After years of convincing young women that their unborn babies are ‘just a clump of cells’ and they have a ‘choice’ to dispose of the ‘cells,’ the Democrats are now openly advocating for the murder of born-alive babies, also known as infanticide.

We knew this was coming.

Governor Northam was asked about a new bill that would lift restrictions on late term abortions (3rd trimester) in Virginia.


The radio host pointed out the new bill proposed by Kathy Tran, a Democrat lawmaker in the Virginia House of Delegates, would allow for a mother to abort (kill) the baby minutes before giving birth.

Northam argued for the murder of babies after birth.


On Thursday Democrat Governor Ralph Northam doubled down on his policy on murdering newborn infants.

Governor Ralph Northam told reporters, “I don’t have any regrets” when asked about his comments made on WTOP’s Ask The Governor.”

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