Raw Video Shows CNN Colluded With FBI to Film Roger Stone SWAT-Style Raid and Arrest

Raw video posted to Twitter by CNN freelance cameraman Gilbert De La Rosa of the FBI arrest of Roger Stone early Friday morning at his home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, shows De La Rosa was parked right in front of Stone’s house waiting for the FBI to show up and that when they arrived the FBI ignored him as he got out of his vehicle to film, instead of treating him as a potentially armed hostile actor or innocent bystander at a heavily armed surprise pre-dawn raid.

That the FBI completely ignored De La Rosa as he got out of his vehicle when they arrived indicates FBI agents were told in advance a CNN cameraman and reporter would be on scene waiting to film the pre-dawn raid and arrest of Stone. Those instructions would have come from higher ups showing that CNN,  the FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office colluded to put CNN front and center for the raid.

Watching the video, it is stunning to see De La Rosa roll down his window and then step out of his vehicle as the FBI agents pull up and exit their vehicles in tactical gear with weapons drawn–and not one FBI agent points his weapon at De La Rosa. They don’t even speak to him to check him out. It’s like he’s part of the FBI team.

Here’s how CNN reported their exclusive on the raid early Friday.

President Trump criticized the heavy-handed tactics used to arrest his friend and former campaign adviser Stone. Trump also questioned how CNN was there waiting to film the raid.

CNN replied to Trump:

CNN producer David Shortell described in a video report how he and De La Rosa were close enough to see Stone answer the door wearing pajamas and eyeglasses and and hear him identify himself to the agents during the pre-dawn raid. Shortell said he and De La Rosa were moved away from Stone’s house shortly after that. During his report for CNN, Shortell is seen standing in daylight across from an intersection to Stone’s street that is blocked by police cars.

CNN’s description of their reporting does not explain how they were treated as part of the team by the FBI.

…With all those clues, it was decided to send Shortell from Washington to Florida to stake out Stone’s house Friday morning, just in case the clues did add up to something.

As of Thursday night, neither Stone nor his attorney believed he would be arrested on Friday morning. They also were convinced that Stone would have an opportunity to turn himself in, rather than an unexpected pre-dawn arrest at home.
Shortell and DeLaRosa arrived at Stone’s home at 5 a.m., and the Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, house was totally dark.
For roughly an hour, it wasn’t clear whether the stakeout would turn out to be a bust. But then just after 6 a.m., a number of law enforcement vehicles with lights flashing but no sirens pulled in front of Stone’s home on a darkened street.
About a dozen officers with heavy weapons and tactical vests fanned out across Stone’s lawn. Law enforcement shined a flashlight into Stone’s front door, and one officer rapped against it, shouting “FBI. Open the door.” The agent shouted seconds later: “FBI. Warrant.”…
TGP’s Cristina Laila reported Friday that Judicial Watch is looking at investigating whether the FBI colluded with CNN on the Stone raid: Tom Fitton Threatens FOIA Lawsuit to Uncover How CNN Was Tipped Off on Roger Stone Raid
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