President Trump’s NEC Director Larry Kudlow – “We’re Running 3%+ Growth” MAGA!!

Guest post by Joe Hoft

Larry Kudlow, the National Economic Counsel Director, was on Lou Dobbs Tonight yesterday and he claimed some shocking news.  The US economy is doing what the Democrats and Obama said would never happen again.

Larry Kudlow stated that the President’s policies are working.  Since last year’s tax cuts the economy is on fire.  Already we know that unemployment hasn’t been this low since 1969 – 50 years ago.  Now Kudlow says the GDP is rolling because the President slashed taxes on companies and individuals and eliminated regulations which are like taxes –

We’ve been two years into the Trump Administration.  We are running now 3% + economic growth adjusted for inflation!  Three!!

In spite of what Obama and the Democrats said, President Trump is truly making America great again!

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