PELOSI CONFRONTED! Stutters Through Response to Reporters! – Repeats Crackpot Claim That Trump Endangered Her Life (VIDEO)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) looked defeated Friday afternoon when reporters confronted her over her outrageous claims Trump endangered her life by cancelling her military flight then allegedly leaked her commercial travel plans.

Earlier Friday morning, Pelosi’s spokesman, Drew Hammill accused President Trump of endangering Pelosi’s life by leaking her commercial travel plans.

Nancy Pelosi doubled down on those claims when confronted by reporters.

“We had the prerogative to travel commercially, and we made plans to do that, until the administration then leaked that we were traveling commercially,” Pelosi told a gaggle of reporters.


Watch Pelosi struggle through her wild accusations:

When asked if Trump canceled her trip as retaliation for her ‘requesting’ the rescheduling of the State of the Union address, Pelosi said, “I would hope not. I don’t think the president would be that petty, do you?”

A reporter then confronted Pelosi on her extraordinary claims that President Trump put members of Congress and other lives in danger, including her own.

“You’re essentially accusing the President of the United States of endangering the lives of members of Congress and American troops — that’s extraordinary!” a reporter said to Pelosi.

Pelosi waved her arms around as she stuttered her way through her response, doubled down and said, ‘it’s the way the State Department explained it to us.’

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“This is a fact. This isn’t even an opinion,” Pelosi added.


A White House correspondent for the Daily Mail said senior officials told her it’s a “flat out lie” that the WH would leak information that would threaten Americans’ safety.

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