Outrageous! Vatican City Cheered 60th Anniversary of Murderous Castro Communist Regime

Pope Francis with Fidel Castro

What a disgrace.
Vatican News celebrated the 60th Anniversaryof the evil and murderous Castro regime this week on their webpage.
The credible estimates of the Castro regime’s death toll runs from 35,000 to 141,000, with a median of 73,000.

The Vatican has since deleted the post.
What were they thinking?


Debra Heine at PJ Media reported:

The Vatican News website recently paid tribute to Cuba on the 60th anniversary of the Communist revolution in a post that was quickly deleted, according to reports.

The Communist island nation marked the occasion with celebrations on News Year’s Day, while several leftist Latin American leaders tweeted their best wishes.

The socialist despot president of Venezuela Nicolás Maduro tweeted: “We commemorate the anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution led by Commander Fidel Castro. 60 years of sacrifices, struggles and blockade; There is the heroic Cuban people, an example of resistance and dignity to the world. Long Live Cuba!”…

…the Vatican News Service offered its own tribute of sorts to commemorate the festive occasion: Cuba Celebrates 60 Years of the Revolution. The post reportedly read:

The historic anniversary was celebrated with an official ceremony in which the former head of state and leader of the Cuban Communist Party, Raúl Castro, and the current president of the nation, Miguel Díaz-Canel, participated.

The post was apparently deleted, but not before some appalled readers captured it:

Twitter user Trava y liberula wrote: (translated) The Vatican page published a tribute to the 60 years of the Cuban monarchy. They erased it within a few hours but we’re faster.
John Paul II writhes in his grave.

Hat Tip John

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