Opinion: The Radical Democrat Party’s Lurch into Swing Districts Is a Problem for the GOP

While it is undoubtedly a load of fun to take swipes at the progressive firebrand who is itching for socialism, it’s not Rep. Ocasio Cortez that the GOP should be worried about. Yes, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez is a radical and a renegade with completely anti-American ideas, but what makes her a thorn in the side of Republicans will also preclude her from doing any real damage in Congress.

Nancy Pelosi and other Democrat leaders will placate her from time to time with kind words or imagined concessions that AOC can claim as victories for the progressive left. However, Pelosi will never give Ocasio-Cortez more than perceived power because the radicals do not make Speaker Pelosi’s job of advancing the party as a whole any more easier. She will use Ocasio-Cortez to push extremely far-left ideas and step in as the “moderator” of said ideas, providing a more “middle-ground” solution. It’s a shell game.

So, if not Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, who should the GOP be worried about? They should worry about Democrats who have flipped lean-Republican seats to purple districts that are on their way to becoming full-blown bastions of Democrat power.

Nobody should worry the GOP more than Stephanie Murphy of Florida’s 7th Congressional district, which was held by Republicans for decades before the “moderate” former national security analyst (in the Bush White House) and government affairs specialist flipped it for the Democrats in 2016. She is the daughter of immigrants who fled Vietnam and married into an extremely wealthy family that runs one of the nations most successful for-profit colleges. Murphy is good looking mother of two young children and extremely adept at being both “progressive” and “moderate” when it suits her.

The Democrats nationally have used her campaign in 2016 as a basis for other wins in purple or slightly Republican / barely Democrat districts in the Northeast and beyond. Think Conor Lamb. Murphy was recently elected as the Chair of the Blue Dog Caucus and is a member of the moderate problem solvers caucus. In DC, she gets to be everything to everyone with the expressed approval from Pelosi to walk off the reservation from time to time but never when her vote is needed for the party elites. When campaign time hits, she comes home and is either a “progressive warrior” or ” moderate problem solver” depending on what audience she is addressing.

She is consistent, even-handed, methodical and reliable. I busted Murphy for her extremely extravagant lifestyle during both the 2016 and 2018 campaigns. The mainstream media ignored her memberships to the priciest country clubs, meltdowns berating staff, and penchant for expensive footwear, while packaging herself as someone who cared about the “middle-class”.

They claimed I was being sexist and obsessed.

When I exposed her for holding a swanky fundraiser at a DC steakhouse during Hurricane Irma and a state of emergency in Florida, they claimed she was “needed” in DC for federal emergency response efforts. Yes, a first-term member of congress with no disaster preparedness experience was “needed” at FEMA command. She still hasn’t explained how she traveled in and out of the state while commercial flights were grounded, likely using her father-in-law’s private jet.

Murphy has the party behind her. She has Pelosi’s ear and cover from both mainstream and independent/alternative media. She hypnotizes voters with as many faces as she can conjure during election time. She gets sit-down meetings with President Trump and got some legislative wins in a GOP congress. Now that she belongs to the party in power, Murphy will shoot up the ranks and receive no check from the media or progressive left who understand they need pretend progressives like Murphy to achieve small victories of perceived power.

Stephanie Murphy and the members of her Blue Dog caucus who have proven they can chip away at Republican strongholds and mold them into Democrat wins are the true enemy. They will continue to provide cover for down-ticket races in their districts and radically reshape the electorate in favor of the Democrats across some of the nations most crucial battleground states. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and other radicals will keep winning the unwinnable liberal districts they represent until they decide to retire or run for higher public office.

The sooner we realize this as Republicans… the sooner we start working towards an actual restoration of America.


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