Mueller Is Not After the Truth – To Date Mueller Mobsters Have Never Even Interviewed WikiLeaks, Julian Assange or Kim Dotcom

Guest post by Joe Hoft

The corrupt Trump – Russia collusion witchhunt is not legit.  It’s not based on a crime, it is dealing with a scope way outside the special counsel mandate, the entire team is more conflicted than any investigation in US history (beings it’s made up of all far-left Hillary supporters), and its not interested in the truth – only in harming President Trump.  To date the Mueller gang hasn’t even looked into the various aspects that the entire sham is based on.

The claim of the need for the special counsel was due to Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Manager’s (John Podesta) emails being obtained by WikiLeaks and released to the public before the election.  This is clearly a lie for many reasons.  The main reason is that the emails were summarily ignored by the US mainstream media as they spent all their time promoting Hillary and criticizing candidate Trump.  The WikiLeaks Podesta emails were damning to Hillary but they were not shared in the public square.

However, the WikiLeaks emails being released were blamed on Russia providing the emails to WikiLeaks.  In spite of Julian Assange stating that he did not receive the Podesta emails from Russians, the mainstream media says Russia was the culprit.  One thing is sure, the Mueller team does not have any idea how WikiLeaks obtained the Podesta emails.  To date they have never asked the Mueller team or Kim Dotcom who states he knows information about how WikiLeaks obtained the emails.

Kim Dotcom reached out to Sean Hannity to come interview him:

Kim Dotcom also is stating the obvious that the Mueller Witchhunt is not after the truth:

The Mueller Mobsters are not after the truth – they are just protecting their Deep State friends from being prosecuted for their many crimes (e.g. Hillary emails, Uranium One, Clinton Foundation, Iran scandal, Benghazi, etc…).  This is not just a witchhunt – it’s the most disgusting, corrupt and criminal action in US history and it’s being perpetrated by the FBI and DOJ.

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