McConnell Defends Covington Kids, Shames Lying Media From Senate Floor (VIDEO)

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) defended the Covington teens and shamed the lying media for their smear campaign against the children.

McConnell took to the Senate floor Wednesday to shame the despicable media for running with a selectively edited video of the Catholic teens in order to digitally lynch innocent children.

McConnell, who is also from Kentucky, took a stand and defended the pro-life teens who traveled from Kentucky to DC to participate in the March for Life.

“Unfortunately for the students of Covington Catholic High School, their participation has resulted in threats on their lives,” McConnell said.


The Senate Majority Leader then hammered the lying media and said, “Far left activists and members of the national and state media isolated a very few seconds of video footage from any shred of context and many decided it was a time to attack and denigrate these young people.”

McConnell took a shot at Democrat Congressman Yarmuth, who previously tweeted he wanted to ban teenagers from wearing MAGA hats. After several hours of backlash, Yarmuth claimed he was just ‘joking’ over his calls to suspend the 1st Amendment.

McConnell continued, “In a matter of hours, these students were tried, convicted and sentenced by media where accuracy is irrelevant and the presumption of innocence does not exist.”

“When the rush for headlines take precedence over the facts mistakes are made and our rights as Americans are put at risk.,” McConnell concluded, adding, “This trend is particularly troubling when young people are involved.”


While many in the media did offer apologies to the students, many, including newly-elected Congresswoman Ilhan Omar continued the attacks on the children days after the media lies were debunked.

Attorney Robert Barnes gave the left-wing media sycophants and celebrities 48 hours to retract their libelous statements against the Covington teens or face lawsuits.

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