MASSIVE STRIKE: Over 30,000 Los Angeles Teachers Walk Out of Classrooms – Demand Higher Pay, Smaller Class Sizes (VIDEO)

Over 30,000 Los Angeles public school teachers walked out of classrooms and joined the picket line as contract negotiations stalled on Monday.

The teachers wore rain coats and carried umbrellas to shield from the torrential downpour in Southern California.

The schools will remain open on Monday, according to LA district Superintendent Austin Beutner. Hundreds of substitute teachers were hired to fill in for those on the picket lines.

The Los Angeles teachers union is complaining about the 40+ students per classroom. The teachers are demanding smaller classrooms and higher salaries.


Perhaps the millions of illegal aliens living in Los Angeles, a sanctuary city, are causing the overflow in the classrooms? Just a hunch.

ABC news reported:

More than 30,000 public school teachers in Los Angeles, the nation’s second-largest school district, walked out of classrooms and formed picket lines on Monday in what their union president says is “the fight for the soul of public education.”

United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) said negotiations stalled and that the union didn’t receive a new contract proposal over the weekend, after a strike was delayed from Jan. 10because of potential court intervention.

“So here we are on a rainy day in the richest country in the world, in the richest state in the country, in a state as blue as it can be, in a city rife with millionaires, where teachers have to go on strike to get the basics for our students,” UTLA President Alex Caputo-Pearl told a group of boisterous educators outside John Marshall High School in the Los Feliz district of Los Angeles.

“Here we are in a fight for the soul of public education,” Caputo-Pearl, a Los Angeles teacher for 22 years, told ABC News early Monday morning. “The question is, do we starve our public neighborhood schools so that they are cut and privatized or do we reinvest in our public neighborhood schools for our students and for a thriving city? We are here to say from the picket lines of Los Angeles that we choose reinvestment.”


Of course Communist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez supports the teachers picketing.

If these teachers think 40 kids per classroom is too many, wait until more illegal aliens flood into LA county since newly-elected CA Governor Gavin Newsom promised ‘sanctuary for all who seek it’ at his inauguration ceremony.

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