Mark Levin: Mueller’s Office Only Released Statement on Junk Buzzfeed Report to ‘Cover Their Asses’ (VIDEO)

Conservative radio host, TV host and author Mark Levin joined Sean Hannity on Friday night to discuss the garbage Buzzfeed report on the non-existent Moscow Trump Tower.

The Buzzfeed report was nuked on Friday night by the Mueller special counsel after the story ran all day in the liberal mainstream news.

A spokesperson for the special counsel disputed BuzzFeed’s junk report, calling it “inaccurate” on Friday evening.


Donald Jr. reacted to the news.

On his Friday radio show Mark Levin called on Attorney General Matt Whitaker and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to investigate the leaks from the Special Counsel which are legion.

Levin said Mueller witch hunt released his statement only to cover their asses.
Mark Levin: They didn’t release this statement just because they are good people. They released it to cover their asses. Because they don’t want a leak investigation… There is a serious question about the functioning of the federal judiciary in this respect and these FISA court justices. But I want to get back to today.

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Via Hannity:

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