Leftist Grandmothers Launch New Group to Promote Abortion – Want their Grandkids Aborted

Here is why Democrats want open borders and new voters that are dependent on the government.
They keep killing off their voters.

A group of far left grandmas have launched a new group to promote abortion.
They want their grandkids aborted.

“Grandmothers for Reproductive Rights” is determined to snuff out their progeny with a vacuum.

GRR group shot via Maine Family Planning


Life News reported:

A group of elderly women wearing yellow T-shirts with the word “GRR!” splashed across the front gained public attention recently at the Maine state Capitol as they advocated for abortion, the Free Press reports.

GRR! stands for “Grandmothers for Reproductive Rights.” The group seeks to educate women at the local level about the pro-abortion agenda, and encourage women to speak with their local government officials about supporting abortion and other reproductive health issues. About 40 grandmothers participate in GRR!, according to the report.

Judy Kahrl founded the group after traveling to Africa and noticing young women who postponed family and childbearing for education and career. She said she noticed a disconnect with American society where abortion is more commonplace and yet the “pro-choice” crowd remains largely silent. So, she said she decided to start the local advocacy group GRR! on the Maine homefront.

“Abortion is a sticking point for many because it has become connected to religion,” Kahrl told the Free Press. “It’s not a religious issue. It’s not a Republican or Democratic issue. Reproductive freedom is a human rights issue.”

“This isn’t about us,” Kahrl added. “We’ve had our children and grandchildren. This is for them.”

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