Kentucky Prosecutor Fires Warning Shot to People Threatening Acts of Violence Against Covington Catholic High School

Kentucky Prosecutor Rob Sanders, Twitter avatar

On Sunday, Rob Sanders, a Kenton County Prosecutor, fired a warning shot to leftists threatening acts of violence against Covington Catholic High School.

Mr. Sanders represents the 16th Judicial Circuit in Kenton County and he made it very clear acts of violence will not be tolerated.

“Threatening acts of violence against educational institutions in Kentucky is a felony and we don’t take it lightly no matter the circumstances. #KYcrime” Rob Sanders said in a tweet.

The left wing media erupted this weekend after students from Covington Catholic High School were targeted with a smear campaign when deceptively edited videos of the children were posted to Twitter.

The frauds in the mainstream media are starting to backtrack their stories after video surfaced of the whole incident involving the Catholic teens and the Native American activist, proving the teens were framed.

But the damage is already done.

The Catholic minor students are now in fear for their lives after Twitter allowed a hate campaign to proliferate unabated.

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A Hollywood Producer called for the teens to be murdered in a violent, gruesome manner by being tossed into a woodchipper.

Failed actor and ‘comedian’ Ben Hoffman, who goes by the stage name ‘Wheeler Walker Jr.,’ called for violent sexual crimes to be committed against the minor teens and even offered a reward to whoever can stalk and find the minor child and “punch him in the nuts.”

The American Indian Movement Chapter of Indiana and Kentucky is planning to protest at Covington Catholic School on January 22nd.

They will be protesting “against racist attacks against the March for Indigenous People in Washington DC.”

“We are calling for a boycott of the school itself and the archdiocese for fostering an environment of hatred and violence against people of color,” the statement reads. “We are calling for a boycott of the school until they fire the chaperones who accompanied these students for allowing this attack to happen and we are calling for them to educate their students on racism and a zero tolerance policy regarding racist attacks by students and punish students with expulsion for racist attacks.”

Everything in this statement is a flat out lie. There was ZERO violence and the only racism was coming from the black nationalists calling the white teens “crackers.”

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