JUST IN: President Trump Surprise Press Briefing to Discuss Border Security (VIDEO)

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders announced a last minute press briefing Thursday afternoon.

For the first time ever, President Trump spoke from the White House press briefing room about border security.

17,000 criminals trying to get across the border, Trump said.

Border Patrol agents joined President Trump in the briefing room and confirmed that a border wall is necessary to stop illegal aliens from crossing over.


Brandon Judd, the president of the National Border Patrol Council spoke and said, “I can personally tell you from the work that I’ve done on the Southwest border that physical barriers, that walls actually work — I promise you that if you interview border patrol agents, they will tell you that walls work.”

“We need those physical barriers and we appreciate President Trump and all of those efforts in getting us get those physical barriers,” Judd added.

Art Del Cueto, the VP of NBPC spoke next and said, “We are extremely grateful for President Trump and fully support what he is doing to take care of our nation’s borders…”

President Trump then left the briefing room without taking any questions from reporters.


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