Jerome Corsi’s Stepson Summoned by Mueller — Corsi’s Wife Worried She Will Lose Her Husband and Son in Corrupt Investigation (VIDEO)

Conservative author and activist Jerome Corsi went on Primetime with Trish Regan on Monday night. Jerome was joined on the show by his lovely wife Monica in her first appearance on national TV.

During the discussion Jerome revealed dirty cop Robert Mueller and his gang of angry Democrats have summoned his stepson to testify.

Robert Mueller and his Deep State Democrat operatives are out to destroy and punish every Trump supporter they can get their hands on in order to send a message to future Republican candidates. This is what is in store for any future candidates so get ready.


Corsi continues to deny any connection to Wikileaks and Hillary Clinton’s leaked emails.

Jerome told Trish Regan his wife Monica is very worried she will lose her husband and now her son to this corrupt government investigation.

This is so sad.
The Deep State are such monsters.

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