Investigative Journalist Cardillo: ONLY CNN was Tipped Off on Stone Pre-Dawn Raid — Local Channels Had NO IDEA of Friday Raid

President Trump confidant Roger Stone was arrested in a pre-dawn raid on Friday by dirty cop Robert Mueller.

Stone was arrested on a process crime and not Russian collusion.

The entire predawn raid of Roger Stone’s home was captured by the anti-Trump channel CNN.

CNN reporter David Shortell told CNN hosts he had an intuition to get to Roger Stone’s house and set up his camera crew before the pre-dawn raid.


Now this…

Investigative journalist John Cardillo, a former NYPD officer, called around this morning and found that ONLY CNN was tipped off about the raid.

This is a political persecution by Deep State operatives.

Only CNN was tipped off and they’re 25 minutes away from Miami.

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