In Its First Month: “We Build the Wall, Inc.” Has Raised Over $20.5 Million from 345,000 — Opt-In Today!

The GoFundMe campaign to build the Trump Border Wall has now raised over $20.5 million dollars to fund the US border wall with Mexico.

Due to its unprecedented success the left is doing ANYTHING THEY CAN to discredit the movement!

Leftists are afraid that a private campaign will convince lawmakers that the public is behind the Wall.

Triple amputee and war veteran Brian Kolfage started the GoFundMe for the the Trump wall one month ago today on December 16, 2018.
Over 345,000 people have donated and over $20.5 million has been raised.

This past week Brian launched an organization “We Build The Wall” to ensure the funds raised are used appropriately on the project.
Brian posted a video this week:


Since then, ‘We Build the Wall” has added a board to oversee the management of funds raised. Board members include Sheriff David Clarke, Erik Prince, Kris Kobach, two “angel” parents and a former Congressman.

** With the additional governance structure and some changes to the plan for building the wall, GoFundMe required Kolfage’s group to ask donors to “opt-in” again for their donations to be counted.

Most donors have “opted-in” to donate to the We Build The Wall effort.

Despite the attacks of the Left, Kolfage and We Build The Wall continue to be in good standing with GoFundMe.

The amount raised is over $20.5 million in ONE MONTH!

You can donate here.

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