Hah! Robert Barnes Schools Former California Attorney General Kamala Harris on Simple Law Procedures

Kamala Harris launched her political career in the arms of Willie Brown.

Brown rewarded her with her first two state appointments totaling $500,000 a year.

Kamala Harris was later elected Attorney General of California.
But that doesn’t mean she knows anything about the law.

On Friday Deep State FBI operatives raided the home of 66-year-old Roger Stone in the early morning hours.
At least six vehicles, 20+ fully armed agents and a CNN television crew descended on Stone’s home to take him to prison.


Stone later walked free after after signing a signature bond.

This wasn’t enough for Kamala Harris.

She tweeted that $250,000 bail was not enough penalty for the GOP campaign operative.

Attorney Robert Barnes quickly corrected the confused former Attorney General.

Attorney Barnes: The new Democratic candidate for President doesn’t appear to know that a personal recognizance $250K bail in our federal justice system doesn’t cost one penny. They call it a “signature” bond. It is a “forfeiture” amount if you jump bail & requires zero collateral & zero cash.

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