Figures. Fake Indian Elizabeth Warren Promotes List of Human “Rights” That Echoes the Old Soviet Union

On Friday Elizabeth Warren posted the tweet on the 75th year of Franklin Roosevelt’s declaration of human rights.

Elizabeth Warren: On this day 75 years ago, President Franklin D. Roosevelt made a declaration about the rights that all Americans deserve. The fight to guarantee these rights for every American remains unfinished. Now it’s up to all of us.

Of course, these “rights” listed by socialist President Roosevelt were never guaranteed by the Founders or the US Constitution.

Roosevelt announced this alternative list of “rights” in 1944.

Of course, these rights are straight from the socialist playbook.

In fact Soviet Russia published their own list of human “rights” that resemble the Roosevelt and Warren list.

It’s no surprise then that a top Democrat would be pushing for this socialist doctrine.

Unfortunately, the socialists can never deliver on their promises. Just ask the people of Venezuela.

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