Danish Parliament Proposes New Law: Stop Integrating Refugees and Send Them Back Home If It Is Safe

Guest post by Peter Sweden

In a new proposed law that is currently going through the Danish parliament, the populist Danish People’s party are getting their way. The term “integration” will be removed from Danish law and stop being used by the government.

Instead of integration, Denmark will be having a “Self-sufficiency and repatriation or introduction programme”. In practice, this means that no more money or resources will be spent on integrating refugees that could otherwise return home to their country of origin if it’s safe reports Den Korte Avis.


Martin Henriksen from the Danish People’s party said “We are having an important shift in Danish asylum and foreign policy, in that asylum for refugees henceforth is given temporarily, with a focus that they should return to their home country at some point. We are moving away from integration of refugees, to focusing on repatriation.”

The new law is getting support from the conservative party and liberal parties in Danish parliament who currently have a coalition government. However it has been met with opposition from Socialist and left-wing parties.

Compared to Sweden, neighbouring Denmark has been a lot tougher when it comes to migration.

Just recently an Islamist convicted of having encouraged and supported terrorism, had his Danish citizenship revoked and was deported and handed over to Moroccan authorities.

Last year Denmark also introduced a Burqa ban, with women found breaking the law facing a $157 fine. Repeat offenders could face a fine of $1,570 or up to 6 months in jail.

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