Crypto Advocate & Presidential Candidate John McAfee Is On The Run, Refuses To Back Down To IRS Threats

The eccentric and exceedingly entertaining founder of McAfee anti-virus will have to run his presidential campaign from the waters of Venezuela according to videos posted on his Twitter account earlier this afternoon.

McAfee, who famously escaped Belize after being falsely accused of murdering his neighbor and becoming the focus of an extremely corrupt band of government officials, is seeking the Libertarian nomination in the 2020 presidential elections. This is his second time vying for the nomination, but his 2020 campaign is already more streamlined and exciting than his 2016 efforts.

McAfee is the purest form of Libertarian, a man who wants to slay the corrupticons in government and completely destroy the current political system… rebuilding it in the rawest of forms as our founders intended it.


He shares ridiculous memes of himself emblazoned with his campaign logo, offers ‘mixology’ lessons, and delivers crucial life lessons via his personal Twitter account on a daily basis. A legend in the tech community, McAfee has also been an early and bullish advocate for cryptocurrencies, which he argues will take away the power of the government to rule over your financial decisions and privacy.

Several weeks ago, he announced that he had not paid taxes in over 8 years and would refuse to file taxes during his campaign for president, begging the IRS to make an example of him so that he could showcase their corruption and bully tactics on a grand scale.

The IRS took note, convening a grand jury in Tennessee to bring felony charges against McAfee and several of his associates according to several videos posted on his Twitter account earlier today.

The McAfee 2020 Campaign is, as of this day, in exile. I am being charged with using Crypto Cuttencies in criminal acts against the U. S. Government. More videos coming shortly. Stay tuned.

He said that he will conduct his campaign in exile and is headed for Venezuela, where he will stay for the duration of the campaign as his experience his chronicled for a documentary film. You can visit his website to learn more about his campaign, by clicking here.

Or just get hammered trying one of his cocktail recipes, he’d be happy with either.

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