Catholic Pro-Life Children Now In Fear For Their Lives After Being Doxxed By Far Left Media

BuzzFeed and the hateful left-wing media is at it again — these MAGA teens were doxxed and are now in fear for their lives! 

On Friday, a group of high school boys from Kentucky went to the Lincoln Memorial after attending the March For Life.

While standing at the memorial a group(?) of Native Americans were beating drums at the public memorial.

A Native American man, reportedly a Vietnam veteran, got up in one boy’s face and started screaming and beating his drum.

According to one of the high school boys who was present, a group of black men were taunting the Trump supporters, calling them “shooters” and “crackers” and said the white kids “had everything given to them by their parents.”

At first, the Trump supporting teens ignored the black men who were harassing them, but after the blacks continued to taunt the white kids, the white kids began to chant back at them.

According to a witness, it was at this point that a Native American man showed up “out of no where” and began drumming in the high school kid’s face.

“We weren’t even chanting at him, we were chanting at the African American guy, but obviously social media made us look bad to get views and stuff,” a witness said.

Video of the black men harassing the teenage Trump supporters:

The media isn’t interested in facts — they want to push their left wing agenda so they doxxed the high school kids.

The high school boy was doxxed by the liberal fascist mob.

The boys are from a Catholic HIGH SCHOOL in Kentucky!

Daily Beast doxxed the high school.

Now BuzzFeed is reporting the high school kids may get expelled!

The kids are now in fear for their lives!

“My dad who was on the trip with me was being harassed all morning online and I’m honestly scared for my safety,” one of the teens said.

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