Broward Coward’s Top Legal Advisor Still Employed With New Sheriff

Scott Israel may have been suspended and replaced by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, but his leftist legal advisor Ron Gunzburger is reportedly still employed at the Broward Sheriff’s Office.

Gunzburger supported socialist Democrat Andrew Gillum in the 2016 election for Governor and directed then Sheriff Israel to bundle $20,000 in contributions for the Democrat candidate.

Gunzburger who ran unsuccessfully for a judgeship as a Democrat, now suddenly claims to be a Republican. He is also a Special Assistant to Governor Larry Hogan of Maryland and has directed Hogan’s aggressive anti-gun rights proposals in that state. How exactly Gunzburger fills what appear to be two full time jobs in two different states is a mystery.


Gunzburger has been a relentless critic of Governor DeSantis’s chief ally President Donald Trump on his website PoliticsOne, pushing the bogus Russian collusion narrative.

Gunzburger, who served as Israel’s chief political strategist directed Israel’s anti-gun policies and advocated for the disastrous post-massacre CNN appearance where he claimed his officers did everything they could to protect the students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas. He even presided over the swearing in of newly appointed Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony. Israel is reportedly poised to challenge his suspension from the Sheriff’s office in a lawsuit in the state courts.

While many of former Sheriff Israel’s commanders and lackeys have resigned in recent weeks or as the news broke that Ron DeSantis was going to officially suspend Israel, Gunzburger has escaped the chopping block so far. As of today, he remains listed as BSO’s General Counsel. According to the Sun-Sentinel, he has also been firing his old allies in an effort to be seen as the “clean-up” man for the new Sheriff, going unpunished for his role in Israel’s lackluster leadership.

Andrew Pollack, who lost his daughter Meadow in the Parkland massacre and has since become an extremely effective school safety advocate, told The Gateway Pundit that he remains confident that Sheriff Gregory Tony will “remove all poisons” from the Broward Sheriff’s Office.

“I have full confidence in Sheriff Tony to stick to his word and make the Broward County Sheriff”s office accountable to the community. It will take time and he can’t do it all on day one.”

Roger Stone, one of Trump’s longtime advisors and friend of over 40 years, once advised Israel years ago in his first campaign for Sheriff after his predecessor Republican Sheriff Al Lamberti was found to be corrupt, but broke with Israel over pro-gun control advocacy and his handling of the Parkland shooting and subsequent fallout.

Posting on his Instagram account last week, Stone described Gunzburger as “like those Jews who, during the Holocaust ,pointed out to the Nazis where the other Jews were hiding so they could be seized and executed,” leaving little to the imagination as to how he feels about Gunzburger’s continued presence at BSO.

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