Bill Barr Admits Comey Botched Clinton Email Investigation – But Praises “Extremely Gifted” Comey Who ‘Served with Distinction’ (VIDEO)

During the confirmation hearing Tuesday, Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) questioned AG nominee Bill Barr about James Comey’s unprecedented move to usurp the DOJ and exonerate Hillary Clinton in a press conference during the 2016 election.

Cornyn got Bill Barr to admit that Comey and Lynch ‘botched’ the Clinton email investigation, but Barr was still cautious about his criticism of Comey.

Mr. Barr said Comey’s usurpation of the DOJ was “wrong” but he was also quick to praise the leaker and liar.

Senator Cornyn pressed Bill Barr and pointed out that if the Attorney General cannot perform his or her duties due to a conflict of interest, then it would get deferred to the Deputy AG, not the FBI Director.

Barr conceded and said, “I thought it was very strange, but I think later it became clearer — to the extent there’s anything clear about it that I don’t think AG Lynch had essentially delegated that authority to the Director.”

Barr then defended Comey and gushed over how gifted he is. “I think Jim Comey — as I’ve said is an extremely gifted man who has served the country with distinction in many roles.”

Mr. Barr did promise Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham that he would “look into what happened in 2016,” if he were to be confirmed, but it’s hard to believe he will clean up the DOJ after his nonstop praise of Mueller, Rosenstein and Comey –all corrupt coup plotters.


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