WRONG AGAIN: Obama and Gore Said Global Warming Would Cause More Severe Tornadoes – 2018 Was First EVER with NO VIOLENT TORNADOES

Remember this?
Back in January 2013, Barack Obama blamed climate change/global warming for “raging fires, crippling drought and more powerful storms” during his second Inaugural speech.

Peace award winner Al Gore supported his comments.

But Obama and Gore were wrong again.
According to the NOAA’s Storm Prediction Center the total number of tornadoes during 2012 was just 936a ten year low.


And 2018 was the first year ever with no violent tornadoes in the United States.
LMT Online reported:

In the whirlwind that is 2018, there has been a notable lack of high-end twisters.

We’re now days away from this becoming the first year in the modern record with no violent tornadoes touching down in the United States. Violent tornadoes are the strongest on a 0 to 5 scale, or those ranked EF4 or EF5.

Obama, Gore and fellow junk scientists were wrong again.
Will the liberal mainstream media point this out?

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