Who Wore It Best? Beautiful Melania Trump or Bag Lady Nancy Pelosi in Her Boxy Red Coat?

Who wore it best?

On Tuesday Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Shumer met with President Trump at the White House. Trump took their lunch money, patted them on the toosg and sent them on their way.

The two liberals looked dejected as they left the White House. This didn’t give the liberal media much to play with so they focused on Nancy Pelosi’s boxy red coat.


The liberal media insisted this baggy red coat was the newest fashion statement for the ages.

Liberal hacks called the baggy coat the “new power suit for women.”

It was such a sensation that the fashion designer said he was bringing it back!

The baggy coat costs an estimated $1,000-$2,000 dollars or more.

This is how the liberal media toys with the American public.

Pelosi fell flat on her face so they focus on a baggy coat she wore as she left the public spanking.

Of course, this same media that consistently ignores fashion icon Melania Trump. Unlike the trendy half-strap Michelle Obama before her, Melania Trump brings a much-needed touch of class back to the First Lady’s office.

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Here are a couple of Melania’s AMAZING style choices that are completely ignored by this corrupt modern-day liberal media.

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