Weekly Standard to Shut Down After 23 Years – Last Issue to Publish on Dec. 17th

After 23 years of publication the Weekly Standard magazine will shut down this month.

The magazine once led conservative thought in America.

The fact that founder Bill Kristol harasses the Republican president on a daily basis could not save the magazine.


The magazine lost touch with Republican voters.
—Personally I take no pleasure in reporting this news.

The Wrap reported:

The Weekly Standard, the conservative magazine founded by Bill Kristol in 1995, will shut down, Ryan McKibben the CEO of the magazine’s parent company Clarity Media told staffers in an all-hands meeting on Friday morning.

The company made it official in a press statement a short time later. The last issue will be published on December 17.

“The Weekly Standard has been hampered by many of the same challenges that countless other magazines and newspapers across the country have been wrestling with,” McKibben said.

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