WATCH: Live Feed of House Oversight Subcommittee Hearing on Clinton Foundation – HUBER A NO-SHOW

The House Oversight Subcommittee on Government Operations is holding a hearing on Capitol Hill Thursday on the Clinton Foundation.

Congressman Mark Meadows (R-NC) is Chairman of the Subcommittee on Government Operations and he will be questioning three Clinton Foundation whistleblowers.

President of Judicial Watch Tom Fitton will also be testifying on emails JW has uncovered showing Clinton Foundation pay-to-play while Hillary Clinton was the head of the Department of State.

John Huber, the Special Prosecutor tapped by former AG Sessions to investigate FISA abuses and Clinton Foundation corruption was a no-show on Thursday.


Congressman Meadows expressed his disappointment in Huber’s decision to be absent from the hearing.

Mr. Fitton very clearly explained that Hillary’s State Department essentially rubber-stamped every single one of her husband Bill Clinton’s speeches abroad where he made hundreds of thousands of dollars per speech totaling over $50 million.


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