VIOLENT ANTIFA LEFTISTS Attack Police and Anti-Open Borders Protesters in Ottawa, Canada (VIDEO)

Hundreds of Protesters turned out in the bitter cold in Ottawa, Canada in a protest against the UN Open-Borders Migration Pact.

The protesters were very informed on the issues — unlike your typical leftist protester.

Dozens of violent Antifa leftists also turned out and attacked police.


The AFP reported:

Right-wing protesters opposed to Canada joining a UN pact for better regulating worldwide migration clashed Saturday with pro-immigration groups in the biting cold outside parliament.

An estimated 200 members of far-right groups and 100 counter-protesters lobbed expletive-laced insults at each other on the snow-covered lawn, resulting in one arrest.

Scuffles erupted just as the event got underway, but riot police quickly separated the two sides.

The crowd then began chanting “Reject immigration pact,” but was drowned out by shouts of “Shame” and “Refugees welcome, racists go home.”

Sylvain Brouillette, spokesman for the protesters, said the United Nations pact risks eroding sovereign immigration policies — a view echoed by opposition Conservative leader Andrew Scheer, and conservative politicians in other countries, but roundly dismissed by its proponents.

The “yellow vest” protesters also held a rally in Alberta on Saturday.

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