Truth is the New Hate Speech: Twitter Suspends User ‘Red-Pill Jew’ For Correctly Pointing Out Historical Facts on Slavery

On Sunday incoming Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar posted a call to action on Twitter.

Fact: Ilhan is an Muslim immigrant from Mogadishu, Somalia representing Minnesota’s 5th District.
Fact: She is a darling of the left.

Fact: She was at one time reportedly married to her brother.


Here is her tweet:

Conservative filmmaker and activist Andrew Marcus at “Red-Pilled Jew” then replied to Ilhan with this response:

“@IlhanMN @BenjaminNorton Native Americans were slave holders.  They owned black people! They also conquered and occupied land. Also, Muslims sold the slaves to the colonies.  Muslims still practice slavery TODAY. but please, do go on.

Fact: Native Americans held slaves and black slaves
Fact: Native Americans fought wars against other tribes and occupied land.
Fact: Muslim slaveholders sold slaves to the Europeans.
Fact: Muslim slave auctions occur today in Libya and other countries.
In fact the Libyan slave auctions are flourishing after the Obama-Hillary invasion


Andrew was immediately suspended for the factual but offensive words.


It is becoming more and more obvious that Twitter and the liberal tech giants are censoring free speech. The tech giants are even censoring historical facts.

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** Posting American history is OK.
** Posting Muslim or Native American history is not.
This is only going to get worse.

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