Trump Gives Hope to Nation on Border Wall after Republicans Cave Again

On Tuesday White House Spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced the Trump White House would back down from their promise to shut down the government if Congress did not pass legislation that included funding on the border wall.

White House spokeswoman made the comments Tuesday morning on FOX News Channel.

Sarah Sanders: “We have other ways that we can get to that $5 billion.”


According to the Washington Post the Trump Administration has found other ways to fund the much-needed wall on the US southern border.

The administration on the same day announced the United States on Tuesday pledged a total of $10.6 billion to Mexico and Central America.

This was a blow to Trump voters at an already difficult time. On Tuesday a judge in Washington DC also shamed and abused US hero General Michael Flynn at his hearing accusing Flynn of “treason” and selling out the country for doing lobbying work with Turkey before he entered the Trump White House. This was the latest development in a series of events proving the US has a two-tier judicial system where the elites and corrupt Democrats walk and military heroes are abused in public.

On Wednesday Trump tweeted out his plan to build a wall.

Let’s hope this is true.

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