Trump Arms Kurdish Allies After US Pulls Out of Syria

Last week Trump shocked many with his announcement that the mission was won in Syria against ISIS and he would pull out the 2,000 US troops there.
Democrats, their mainstream media and neocons were outraged.
General Mattis resigned in disgust.

Turkish-backed Syrian fighters sit in the back of armed pick-ups in a camp in the Aleppo countryside, northern Syria, on December 16, 2018. – Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his US counterpart Donald Trump agreed Friday to “more effective coordination” between their countries’ operations in Syria, after Ankara threatened to launch a new offensive in the war-torn nation. (Photo by Aref Tammawi / Rudaw)

But Trump did assist the Kurdish fighters in Derik and Qamishi Syria.
He sent them 150 truckloads of weapons to defend themselves from ISIS and Turkish forces.

Turkish media Yeni Safak reported:

Kurdish officials are worried about the continued attacks by Turkey on their communities.

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