Ted Malloch: Hillary Clinton Knew About, Approved and Paid for Trump-Russia Dossier

Guest post by Ted Malloch author of The Plot to Destroy Trump

Hillary Clinton knew about, approved, and paid for the Trump-Russia dirty dossier from the beginning and hid the fact from the press.

The Democrat candidate for President in 2016 was an experienced pro, who had seen her way through many political campaigns, including contentious primaries against Obama, for the US Senate in New York, in Arkansas, and of course twice for her very husband, Bill– the 42nd President.

Clinton had a reputation for toughness and a harsh spirit with a knack for details and a large sized ego to match.

Some saw her as “bitch”, conceited, and a Yale Law School, Ivy League, feminist, know it all. Others, who worked with her, had a more benign view but nonetheless readily admitted — she made all the decisions.

Nothing got past her, her grip, or her two cents.

There wasn’t a policy, a message, or a statement that went out that she did not see and did not approve. In fact, she often revised things two or three times slowing down the well-oiled machine.

But she wanted it that way. She didn’t want to lose, damage her image, — or most definitely, lose control.

So throughout the primary she milked all her contacts in the DNC, in the media, and in the government.

Hillary knew just about everybody given her decades in government and kept close track of what they said about her, what they owed her, and how much they contributed to her. She had a list of no-goes and of people she flatly refused to see, hear, or listen to.

If you crossed her you were off her good list. Toast.

She worked every angle and source and played nice, when necessary, putting on a smile and even a grinning grandmotherly look, complete with the light blue, extra-wide pants suit.

The ‘woman’ card was the ace up her sleeve or so she thought.

How could any woman seriously vote against her?

Didn’t every woman want to break that impenetrable glass ceiling and see her become the first female President?

In the primary she had a pesky leftist, old fart nemesis named, Bernie Sanders, as her sole opponent.

He was an Independent (actually Socialist) Senator from the green State of Vermont. His politics were left of left and he liked to promise just about everything – and all for free.

Hillary had to bend her progressive views to get the nomination but as a Clinton she could be a chameleon and do anything to win the big prize.

She stacked the cards against poor Bernie from the very start, who she slandered and maligned just slightly so as not to loose all his kooky, and especially young followers.

Clinton stacked the Democrat Super Delegates to her cause and put all her people into the DNC and its organs, so that she could not possibly lose.

She owned the Party. Even a former Party Chairperson, in her own tell-all book after the election said, “Clinton cheated.”

That was news!

Clinton had cheated before and she had also lost in the primaries to that useless and inexperienced community organizer, black Senator, Barrack Obama and it wasn’t going to happen again. Her side even said he was not born in the United States.

Oh no.

Once she secured the Democrat nomination crookedly she figured there was absolutely no way she could lose the general election, especially to a buffoon like Donald Trump.

After all, his entire base was a bunch deplorables, irredeemables and the rankest members of society just clinging to their guns and religion.

Hillary had her own theories about the vast right wing conspiracy and their ilk, and there wasn’t a chance in hell that she would not get back to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue because of them.

She knew all the nooks and crannies in that Big House and this time the Oval Office would be hers—alone.

No Bill and NO Monica!

To tie down all the pieces, Clinton brought in a top-notch team and hired her old pal, John Podesta to chair the very organized and overly planned campaign.

They would take care of it this time. No holes were barred and nothing was to be left undone.

The ‘dirt’ on Trump would be easy to secure so she herself hired the Fusion/GPS boys to dig harder, to get more. Using the DNC and a private law firm as the go be tweens, she figured she had her ass covered and didn’t need to know everything or how, just the dirt—and the more the better.

It was both oppo research and an “insurance policy”—just in case.

Giving approval to everything her campaign did was not unusual for such a deliberate, maniacal, cannot fail candidate.

Behind her were still wayward Bill, who was a tad old and now rather clumsy, and her daughter, a reputed Satanist, Chelsea.

Her surrogates were legion and there wasn’t anybody in the media, with the possible exception of only one or two people at FOX News, who thought she wasn’t a shoe-in to win.

All the newspapers endorsed her, all the pundits kowtowed to her, the pollsters all predicted her inevitable victory, and she said she won the televised debates.

The only question was how much she would run up her tallies and numbers in the Electoral College.

How big a landslide could it possibly be?

Sure, she had a record of coyness and sometimes did not follow through on her word but her ratings were astronomical and her field game was second to none.

They would turn out the vote and make identity politics work like a charm.

The odds were 8 to 1 she would win in Las Vegas betting.

Getting the word out on how bad Trump was, was absolutely imperative.

Trump was a sleaze in Clinton’s eyes; wouldn’t the overall electorate agree that, even the dumbasses she so loathed?

She would hold nothing back.

She would throw everything at him — from disgraces to scandals to character flaws to Russia.

The Obama forces, even if there were past ‘histories’ between them, would help to elect her as a kind of “third term” to Barrack, who had achieved so little in his eight years in office.

His cronies would be her cronies.

They would do her bidding.

They would protect her and most certainly, fail to indict her. They would use the deep state, where needed, to do her work — behind the scenes.

And at the center of the whole design was the grand conspiracy called the Trump-Russia Dossier.

She paid for it and approved it from the get-go.

It was good as gold.

Ted Malloch author of The Plot to Destroy Trump

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