Senate Passes Two-Month Stopgap Spending Bill in Late Night Vote – No New Money For Border Wall

The Senate passed a two-month stopgap funding bill in a late night vote Wednesday to avoid a Saturday government shutdown.

The bill was then quickly sent to the House just two days before the funding was set to expire; the House is expected to approve the bill right away.

“The Senate ok’d the plan by voice vote. The measure keeps the government open for the outstanding seven appropriations bills at existing levels…through February 8. Doesn’t fund wall,” reported Chad Pergram.

Outgoing Arizona Senator Jeff Flake presided over the vote. Senators were singing Christmas carols as they stiffed President Trump on border wall funding. 

The $1.6 billion for border security is not new money.

President Trump is the wild card because it is still not known whether he will sign the bill or veto it.

The President wanted $5 billion in funding to pay for border wall construction which was not included in the stopgap funding bill the Senate passed Wednesday night.

The Democrats take back the gavel on January 3rd, so if Trump can’t get border wall funding before then, he will never get the money; the Dems are digging in their heels.

Earlier Wednesday, Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows (R-NC) warned President Trump of the political fallout if he doesn’t veto the bill. Meadows said, “If Trump signs the bill there will be “major damage” to his re-election in 2020.”

The President said this week he would use the military to build the border wall if he didn’t get funding from Congress.

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