Schumer Shows His East Coast Elitism With Slam Against Trump Over Senate Wins in North Dakota and Indiana

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) insulted President Donald Trump over Republican victories in Senate elections last November that increased the GOP majority with an Eastern elitist slam against the Midwestern states of North Dakota and Indiana.

A smirking Chuck Schumer turns to media after insulting Midwestern states, screen image.

Trump, joined by a silent Vice President Mike Pence seated next to him, was debating budget issues in a contentious meeting with Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), who will be Speaker next month when the Democrats assume control of the House, in the Oval Office before an assembled media ‘pool spray.’

The video clip below starts with Trump talking about the need for a border wall for border security with Schumer and Pelosi opposing a wall but supporting “border security.” Pelosi tries to change the subject to the economy, saying, “…how do we meet the needs of the American people, who have needs, under, the economy has, it’s is spiral…people are losing their jobs, the market’s in a mood. Our Members are already…”

Trump interjects, “Well, we have the lowest unemployment that we’ve had in fifty years.”

Pelosi responds by talking about Republicans losing their jobs after the GOP lost control of the House in last November’s elections, “Sixty people of the Republican party have lost, are losing their offices now because of the transition. They’re, people are not…”

Trump again interjects, “We gained in the Senate. Nancy, we gained in the Senate. (Speaking over Pelosi) Excuse me, did we win the Senate? We won the Senate.”

Schumer then spoke up, saying to the media assembled to his left, “When the president brags that he won North Dakota and Indiana he’s in real trouble.”

A smirking Schumer then turned to look Trump in the eye and then turned back to share his smirk with the media.

Trump replied to Schumer, “I did. We did win North Dakota, and Indiana.”

Pelosi then went on to decry having the debate in public in front of the media.

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Pence, who is from Indiana, did not speak out when Schumer slurred his home state, maintaining a steady silence he kept throughout the public part of the debate in the Oval Office.

West Coast elitist Pelosi did not comment on Schumer’s attack on Midwestern states.

Shorter version:

Republicans also picked off Democrat incumbent senators in Florida and Missouri, but lost an incumbent senator in Nevada and and an open seat in Arizona resulting in a net gain of two seats increasing the GOP majority to 53.

It is that kind of smug East Coast elitism displayed by Schumer that helped elect Trump president in 2016.

Breibart’s Joel Pollak commented, “Apparently those states don’t matter to . Wow, no wonder these Democrats don’t want to debate in public. Off guard, they reveal their true selves.”

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