Not Reported by Liberal Media: Border Patrol Agents Rescue Several Illegal Aliens – Arrest MS-13 Gang Leader at Border (VIDEO)

An 8-year-old Guatemalan boy died in Customs and Border Protection custody in New Mexico very early Tuesday morning after being transferred to the hospital earlier Monday.

The boy’s father was with him in the hospital where he was diagnosed with a cold. Doctors gave the boy amoxicillin and medication to bring his fever down then released him.

Later that night, the boy returned to the Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center with nausea and vomiting where he passed away, reported the Associated Press.

The tragic story made several headlines in the mainstream media.
Of course, liberals blamed the US.

What did not make any headlines on Christmas Day is the care given to illegal aliens after they enter the US. The United States spends hundreds of billions each year caring for illegal aliens.

In the last two weeks the US Border Patrol have:
** Arrested a MS-13 gang leader
** An agent was assaulted by an illegal alien
** An agent rendered life-saving first aid
** And agents rescued a man from drowning

Via FOX and Friends:

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